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About us

We are situated directly on the Green in the Victorian seaside town of Hunstanton. We make our very own homemade artisan ice cream using locally sourced ingredients plus the finest flavours from around the world  

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The Base mix - Stage One
We take semi-skimmed milk, whipping cream, sugar and a natural stabilizer, mix them together in a pasturizer. We then raise the temperature to 85°C then chill the mix down to 3° C. This recipe is as Italian as it comes with a low fat content of just 8%
We then age our base mix between 24 and 72 hours. This allows the ingredients to homogonize together, after that the base mix is ready for the next stage!
The fun bit - Stage Two
We take inspiration for our flavours from many different places, so favorites like Rum and raisin or cookies and cream are no-brainers but gooseberry and elderflower or espresso croquant take a bit more thought and some experimental flair!


Belgian Waffles

our waffles are imported directly from the town of Leiage in Belgium, we cook them on our waffle iron just as they should be, served either piping hot or cold  with a range of toppings. Try our special which is a hot waffle topped with super fresh english strawberrys fresh whipped cream and melted chocolate topped with chopped nuts. "Delicious" 

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